Which One Should We Choose? Analyzing Decision Using the Opportunity Wheel and PrOACT Method

Ami Fitri Utami


The present study analyzes a case study of a family business companies in Indonesia named PT. Karya Adhi Sejahtera (KAS). This company recently is facing two decision alternatives namely is to choose a medical equipment project bids or is to choose the information system project bids. The problem arises when there is a different view from the chief executive officer (CEO) and the other members of board of directors (BOD) on viewing this two opportunities. While the CEO wanted to concern on the second alternative as a new business, the other members of BOD think that it would be better if the company concern on the first alternative considering their scarcity of resources. The present study examines which alternative is better based on the needs and objectives of the company. The methods used are The Opportunity Wheel and the PrOACT methods. From the two methods above, it is concluded that the best alternative is to concern on the first alternative (medical equipment project bids) rather than the second one.


Decision analysis; PrOACT; Opportunity Wheel method

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